Can You Get Pregnant if You Haven’t Finished Your Period?

Many couples still maintain the habit of intercourse during menstruation. However, there are concerns surrounding the question: “Can you get pregnant if you haven’t finished your period?” Let’s explore this in detail with medical experts.

Can You Get Pregnant if You Haven’t Finished Your Period?

Although the likelihood of conception during the late stage of the menstrual cycle is lower than usual, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. To understand this better, let’s first grasp the mechanics of the cycle:

  • Menstrual Cycle: The shedding of the uterine lining resulting in menstrual bleeding. On average, a cycle lasts from 28-32 days.
  • Ovulation: Occurs approximately 14 days before the next menstrual cycle. This is when a mature egg is released from the ovary.
  • Sperm: Can survive in a woman’s reproductive tract for up to 5 days.

Therefore, if you engage in intercourse before menstruation has completely ceased, especially in cases of early ovulation or short menstrual cycles, the risk of sperm encountering an egg and fertilization can indeed occur.


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If you have sex before your period ends, there is a risk that sperm will meet the egg and fertilize it

Factors Affecting Fertility

The likelihood of conceiving towards the end of the menstrual cycle depends on various factors, including:

Regular menstrual cycles: Irregular periods make it challenging to accurately predict ovulation, increasing the risk of unintended pregnancy. Timing of ovulation: If signs of ovulation occur early, the chances of pregnancy are higher even when engaging in intercourse towards the end of the cycle. Sperm viability: Healthy sperm can survive for several days in the female reproductive tract, awaiting the appearance of the egg for fertilization.

When is Unintended Pregnancy More Likely?

Short menstrual cycles: The time from ovulation to the next menstrual period is shortened, increasing the likelihood of viable sperm still being present when the egg appears. Irregular menstruation: Difficulty in calculating the stages of the cycle, including safe menstrual days and ovulation timing.

How to Determine Ovulation Accurately?

In addition to relying on the length of the menstrual cycle, women can enhance the accuracy of determining ovulation by:

Observing signs of ovulation: Changes in cervical mucus consistency, body basal temperature… can indicate the timing of ovulation. Using ovulation predictor kits: Helps in predicting ovulation time to plan contraception effectively.

Advice from Reproductive Health Experts

  • Avoid using the menstrual period as a natural contraception method due to its low reliability.
  • If not planning for pregnancy, it’s best to use other safe methods such as condoms, contraceptive pills…
  • Consult a healthcare provider if concerned about the possibility of pregnancy or to explore other contraceptive methods.
  • Engaging in intercourse before menstruation has ended is not an effective contraceptive method.
  • Choose suitable contraceptive methods to protect health and avoid unintended pregnancies.


“Can you get pregnant if your period hasn’t ended yet?” is an effective way to prevent pregnancy

Can You Get Pregnant on the Last Day of Your Period?

Although the likelihood is lower than during the mid-cycle days, it’s still possible to conceive even if intercourse occurs on the last day of menstruation. This is particularly true if you have a short menstrual cycle or early ovulation.

Is Brown Discharge After Intercourse a Sign of Pregnancy?

Brown discharge after intercourse can be a normal occurrence after menstruation or due to other causes such as inflammation, hormonal imbalance, etc. If this phenomenon repeats or is accompanied by other abnormal symptoms, it’s advisable to seek medical attention for an accurate diagnosis.

Does Intercourse Before the End of Menstruation Affect Health?

While it doesn’t directly cause harm, intercourse during menstruation increases the risk of vaginal infections due to the vagina’s heightened sensitivity during this time.

How Many Days After Menstruation Stops is Pregnancy Risk Eliminated?

There’s no fixed “safe” timeframe regarding pregnancy prevention as it depends on each individual’s cycle. The best way to ensure contraception is to use reliable protection methods consistently.

Is Emergency Contraception Effective After Intercourse Before the End of Menstruation?

Emergency contraception remains effective to a certain extent. However, it’s crucial to remember that it serves as a “last resort” and cannot replace regular contraceptive methods. Overuse of emergency contraception can have adverse effects on reproductive health.


Avoid overreliance on emergency contraception due to its potential impact on reproductive health

Scientific Evidence

1.Study by Feinberg University (UK):

Followed 500,000 UK women for 6.5 years.* Result: Women who habitually engage in intercourse towards the end of the menstrual cycle have a higher rate of unintended pregnancy by over 10% compared to those who only have intercourse during ovulation.

2. Study published in the journal Chronobiology International:

Analyzed data from over 3 million adult women. Result: The risk of pregnancy due to factors such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other causes is higher in women who have intercourse towards the end of the menstrual cycle.

This article has provided information on “Can you get pregnant if you haven’t finished your period?” and related studies. We hope it will be helpful to you.


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