Proactive care for you and your family

Our Mission

  1. To provide a trustworthy and safe video-based network for doctors and healthcare experts to communicate accurate and up-to-date health knowledge for everyone.
  2. To provide a proactive health solution for everyone to take for themselves and their loved ones.
  3. To encourage a healthy and holistic lifestyle for our society as a whole.
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Why Choose Doctor Network?

Our videos are from reputable doctors delivering accurate and up-to-date health information to you.

Diversified Video-Based Content Hub

Doctor Network offers an extensive medical video library with over 20,000 videos created by doctors and health experts.

The video content is categorized into 27 specialties such as mental health, heart, beauty, and many others. We continue to expand our video library with the latest information in the healthcare industry.

Our Doctor Network has many features to help you seek the accurate health information and take a proactive approach in gaining medical knowledge to better take care of yourself and your family.

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Searching Doctors /Hospitals/Clinics

Doctor Network helps you locate doctors, clinics, or pharmacies nearby to help you connect with your healthcare professionals.

Healthcare Online Courses & Webinars

We are proud to bring you courses and webinars from doctors and healthcare experts in varieties of topics to help you navigate your health journey.

Where ever you currently are in life, we hope to be the trustworthy platform that provide useful information and tips to help you take great care of yourself and your family.

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Booking Doctor Appointments

Our booking feature allows you to schedule your appointments with the different clinics and doctor offices.

Telemedicine and Online Medicine Purchase

Many doctors and clinics offer online consultation at your convenience. You can schedule your online consultation appointment inside our app.

You can also ultilize our online pharmacy services such as ordering over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs, dietary supplements and medical devices. You can browse the pharmacy’s products and order directly on our Doctor Network App.

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Following Doctors' Official Channels

Follow your favoriate healthcare professionals now!

Check out their profiles and practice experiences.

Gain valuable and accurate medical advices and information from reputable doctors.

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

(Coming soon)

Centralized and integrated electronic health record (EHR) of individuals will benefit the health monitoring and treatment process for both patients and doctors.

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Doctors' Channel and Profile

Only doctors and healthcare experts can create their own channel on our Doctor Network App. Here, they can create profile, bio and e-business card.

Doctors can also manage the book feature. But best of all, it’s the platform for doctors to share accurate and helpful videos to all users.

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Professional Forums for Doctors

We have an exclusive designated forum only for doctors and healthcare experts to share, discuss and exchange medical knowledge.

It helps healthcare professionals stay up-to-date with medical knowledge from others in the medical field.

AI-powered Doctor Assistant (Coming soon)

Our AI-powered Doctor Assitant is a powerful tool to help doctors search and retrieve medical documents, research papers and health news from multiple sources such as our own informational library and chat-GPT.

It is multilingual and have text-to-speech capabilities to effectively support doctors.

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Meet our team members

Doctor Network is powered by many great team members that are health-conscious and want to better our community through providing easy accessible, accurate and up-to-date medical information and knowledge to everyone.