Top 7 Traditional Remedies for Infant Nasal Congestion

If your infant is experiencing nasal congestion, although it may not be a cause for excessive concern, prolonged issues can impact the respiratory system, causing discomfort during sleep and feeding, leading to fussiness. This can sometimes cause anxiety for parents. For mild cases of nasal congestion, parents can apply the following traditional remedies for infant nasal congestion.


Causes of Nasal Congestion in Infants

Nasal congestion is a common issue in infants and children under 3 years old, stemming from the underdeveloped respiratory system and a weak immune system. Infants are not accustomed to breathing through their mouths, so when faced with nasal congestion, the process of breathing becomes challenging and uncomfortable. Causes of nasal congestion in infants may include:

  • Common cold, allergies, upper respiratory tract infections such as rhinitis, pharyngitis, and bronchitis.
  • Irritants such as perfume, cigarette smoke, dust, and foreign objects in the nose.
  • Nasal congestion in infants can arise from the presence of amniotic fluid that hasn’t been cleared or expelled from the infant’s respiratory tract.

To effectively treat nasal congestion in infants, it is crucial to identify the specific cause to apply the appropriate treatment. In cases of common colds or mild rhinitis, pharyngitis, and bronchitis, specific treatment may not be necessary and symptoms may naturally subside over time. However, if nasal congestion affects the infant’s sleep and feeding, nasal cleaning or the use of pain relievers and fever reducers may be helpful. In cases of nasal congestion due to allergies or infant nasal congestion, seeking assistance from a doctor or healthcare professional is important to ensure proper treatment and protect the baby’s health.


Simple and Effective Traditional Remedies for Infant Nasal Congestion

1. Saline Nasal Irrigation – traditional remedies for infant nasal congestion

Saline nasal irrigation is one of the traditional remedies for infant nasal congestion, young children, and adults of all ages. This solution is known for its effective nasal cleansing ability, with a low salt concentration, making it a safe product for use in infants. Saline nasal irrigation not only helps clean the nasal passages but also thins mucus, aiding the infant in overcoming nasal congestion and difficulty breathing.


Physiological saline solution is a traditional home remedy for alleviating nasal congestion in infants

Methods of using saline nasal irrigation include nasal drops to clear the nose or using a nasal irrigation pump, depending on the comfort and preference of each user.

2. Antibacterial Effects of Tea Tree Oil – traditional remedies for infant nasal congestion

Tea tree oil is known for its ability to inhibit influenza viruses, effectively reducing symptoms such as a runny nose and nasal congestion. Particularly, tea tree oil helps dilate blood vessels in the nasal cavity, making breathing more comfortable, especially for infants. Additionally, the properties of tea tree oil help keep the body warm and assist in preventing and treating colds.

To apply this folk remedy for infant nasal congestion, mothers can add 1-2 drops of tea tree oil to the baby’s pillow or apply a small amount of tea tree oil to a cloth and wrap it around the baby’s neck. This not only keeps the baby warm but also alleviates nasal congestion, especially at night. However, it is crucial to always adhere to specific instructions and ensure that tea tree oil is used safely and appropriately for small children.

3. Nasal Massage for the Baby – traditional remedies for infant nasal congestion

Massage is a safe and effective folk method to reduce nasal congestion in infants, not only helping to relieve congestion in the nose and throat but also providing comfort to the baby. Mothers can use their thumb and index finger to perform gentle massages. Starting from both sides of the baby’s forehead, mothers can perform downward strokes along the baby’s nasal spine. Repeating this motion several times helps achieve the best results and creates a comfortable state for the infant.

4. Gentle Back Tapping – traditional remedies for infant nasal congestion

To help infants with nasal congestion, gentle back tapping, with mechanical properties, is an effective folk method. This is a procedure that can stimulate fluid secretion and help the baby overcome nasal congestion. When performed correctly, this method can make the baby’s respiratory tract more open, reducing coughing and the risk of vomiting.


To assist a newborn with nasal congestion, back patting with mechanical properties is an effective folk remedy

To help infants with nasal congestion, mothers can lay the baby on their lap and gently tap the baby’s back. This creates a gentle pressure, enough to stimulate the flow of mucus in the respiratory tract without exerting strong force on the baby. This can help the baby overcome nasal congestion and feel more comfortable.

5. Warm Water Bath – traditional remedies for infant nasal congestion

In cases where nasal congestion in infants is due to an underdeveloped respiratory system, a useful folk remedy that mothers can apply is giving the baby a warm water bath. A warm bath has the effect of dilating capillaries in the respiratory tract, thereby helping to create conditions for smooth breathing and providing comfort.

The steam in warm water also helps make mucus easier to thin, making the baby feel more comfortable during the respiratory process. It is important to ensure that the bathwater temperature is gently warm and safe for the baby to avoid irritation to the baby’s delicate skin. A warm water bath is not only a therapeutic measure but also a way to create a comfortable environment and support the natural treatment process for infants experiencing nasal congestion.

6. Adjusting the Baby’s Sleeping Position

A simple and safe folk remedy is to use a padded cloth to elevate the baby’s head. This helps reduce discomfort and supports the baby in overcoming nasal congestion, especially for babies over 6 months old who are no longer in cribs.

When the baby shows signs of nasal congestion, placing a padded cloth under the baby’s head can help the mucus flow down the throat, preventing nasal congestion. This makes the baby feel more comfortable while sleeping and creates conditions for easier sleep. Additionally, this also ensures the baby’s safety when using a padded cloth during sleep.

7. Applying Oil to the Soles of the Feet

Mothers can use a folk remedy by massaging the baby’s soles with eucalyptus oil and keeping them warm. Each foot should be massaged for about 1 minute, then put socks on the baby. Keeping the soles of the feet warm is crucial to prevent colds, especially in winter, helping protect the baby’s immunity from nasal congestion and colds.

Massaging the baby’s soles with eucalyptus oil and keeping them warm helps create a sense of comfort and aids in preventing and treating colds.


Massage the baby’s feet with eucalyptus oil and keep them warm


Notes When Applying Traditional Remedies for Infant Nasal Congestion

1. Safety and Hygiene

Always maintain hygiene when using folk remedies, especially when coming into direct contact with the baby’s nose.

2. Avoid Irritants

Limit the use of strongly scented substances such as essential oils and fragrances, as they can exacerbate nasal congestion or irritate the baby’s respiratory tract.

3. Do Not Use Unidentified Remedies

Some folk remedies may not be safe for infants. Before application, consult with a doctor to ensure the remedy is safe and suitable for small children.


These are some traditional remedies for infant nasal congestion in infants. During treatment, if you notice any unusual signs in the baby, stop immediately and take the baby to the hospital for appropriate intervention and treatment.

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