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Breast Cancer Symptoms and Treatment Considerations Every Woman Should Know!

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women worldwide, affecting their lives and health. Therefore, signs of breast cancer are a topic of great concern to many women. Let’s explore the breast cancer symptoms and related knowledge about breast cancer in the following article. This article has been consulted by Dr. Hai Vu, a specialist in Oncology at the Hung Viet Cancer Hospital.

What is breast cancer?

Breast cancer is a malignant condition caused by the uncontrolled development of cells, tissues, breast glands, or ducts. These develop into small masses and later form tumors.

Breast Cancer Symptoms and Treatment Considerations Every Woman Should Know! 1

Breast cancer is a dangerous disease in women

Breast Cancer Symptoms that women need to be wary of

Breast cancer has distinct features that differ from benign breast conditions. These masses can cause changes in the breast’s structure, such as lumps on the skin’s surface, pain, changes in breast size, nipple inversion, discharge of brown, red, or milky white fluid from the nipple, or the appearance of rough, scaly skin. These are signs of breast cancer that women should be cautious of.

Breast Cancer Symptoms and Treatment Considerations Every Woman Should Know! 2

Signs of breast cancer – Changes in shape, color, etc., compared to the other side

However, for an accurate diagnosis, clinical examinations are necessary. Women can perform self-examinations in front of a mirror, comparing both breasts and observing changes in shape, color, or any abnormalities such as scales, lumps, or raised skin. If any doubts arise, you should see a specialist doctor for further tests, such as ultrasound, mammography, and cell examinations. Based on the results of ultrasound and X-ray imaging, preliminary diagnoses can be made to determine whether the lump is cancerous. Cancerous breast tumors usually have irregular, non-smooth edges, they can invade surrounding tissues, or become hardened. Following this, the doctor will perform additional biopsies, using a small needle to puncture the lump and extract tissue to determine if the cells are benign or malignant.

Is breast pain before menstruation a sign of breast cancer?

Breast pain before menstruation is often related to hormonal changes in women. In a woman’s body, there are female hormones, estrogen, and progesterone, which regulate femininity. When the menstrual cycle approaches, these hormones undergo changes. As a result, symptoms such as breast fullness and pain can occur. Typically, these symptoms will disappear after the menstrual cycle, representing normal physiological changes. Therefore, breast pain before menstruation is not a sign of breast cancer.

Considerations for endocrine therapy in breast cancer treatment

Endocrine therapy is one of the methods used to treat breast cancer. The breast tissue and the body have responses to hormones. Individuals with positive hormone receptors will respond to endocrine therapy. Therefore, endocrine therapy is often applied after hormone receptor tests.

Endocrine therapy is effective for early-stage breast cancer treatment. After surgery to remove the tumor, endocrine therapy is performed to reduce the risk of recurrence. In cases of advanced breast cancer before surgery, endocrine therapy can shrink the tumor, making it easier to perform surgery. Additionally, in some cases, combining endocrine therapy with targeted therapy will shrink the breast tumor, making it easier to perform surgical intervention.

What to know about breast removal surgery in breast cancer treatment

1. Types of breast removal surgery include

– Removing a part of the breast, in cases of small tumors. A biopsy of the removed tissue can determine if it is cancerous, and it may be accompanied by the removal of nearby lymph nodes.
– Complete breast removal, including the breast gland, nipple, and ductal tissue. This may be followed by an axillary lymph node dissection.
– Partial breast removal with breast reconstruction. After the removal, the breast can be reshaped for aesthetic purposes using breast implants or tissue flaps.

Breast Cancer Symptoms and Treatment Considerations Every Woman Should Know! 3

Breast removal surgery is a common method of breast cancer treatment

2. Breastfeeding before and after breast removal

For women who have had one breast surgically removed as part of breast cancer treatment, it is important to note that breastfeeding is still possible with the remaining breast. After breast surgery, one side will not have mammary glands, but the other side will still have a complete milk duct system, allowing normal breastfeeding. However, to ensure the baby’s safety, breastfeeding should not occur during the treatment phase, which may include radiation or chemotherapy. Therefore, during the treatment phase, breastfeeding should be avoided. Once the treatment is complete, natural breastfeeding can resume.

3. Pregnancy and increased breast cancer risk

For women at risk of breast cancer or those with hidden breast lumps, hormonal changes occur during pregnancy, which can increase the risk of developing breast cancer.

Prevention and early detection of breast cancer symptoms

To prevent and detect breast cancer symptoms early, multiple factors need to be considered, including maintaining a healthy diet, consuming plenty of vegetables, fruits, limiting sugar and fat intake, and avoiding stimulants such as caffeine, tea, and alcohol.

It is important to remember that when identifying lumps on your body, clinical examinations by a specialized doctor are crucial. If you have a family history of breast cancer or if you are at risk, it is essential to undergo regular examinations to detect any early signs of breast cancer.

This article has shared information about ‘Breast Cancer Symptoms‘ and related knowledge. It is hoped that this article will provide you with a more scientific understanding of this condition and the importance of early diagnosis and treatment for the safety and health of both individuals and their families.”

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