Ways to Increase Height at the Age of 14: What Parents Need to Know!

Many parents often wonder if a 14-year-old can continue to grow taller and ways to increase height at the age of 14? Let’s explore these questions in the following article!

Child’s Height Development Process

Exceptional height is always an advantage, making children more confident in public and providing them with additional advantages in daily life. Height, whether for boys or girls, is influenced by several fundamental factors, typically the average height of parents, plus (for boys) or minus (for girls) a few centimeters to determine the child’s height.

An individual’s height is predominantly determined by genetics and environmental factors. During development, children undergo a phase of rapid growth, crucial for height development. Their bodies develop bones and muscles while secreting growth hormones.

Cách tăng chiều cao ở tuổi 14 mà ba mẹ cần phải biết! 1

Height in children is influenced by parents’ genetics and living environment

The “Golden” Height Development Stage for Children

Reality demonstrates many cases where children remain shorter than their parents, not always fitting entirely into the previously mentioned medical formula. This indicates various direct influencing factors on a child’s development and height increase at the age of 14, not solely due to parental genetics. Utilizing these factors correctly can ensure superior height development.

The golden development stage for height is when children enter pre-puberty and puberty, considered the most crucial phase for parents to pay attention to. For boys, the height development stage spans from 9 to 15 years old. For girls, the growth period ranges from 8 to 14 years old.

During this golden stage, the pituitary gland, an endocrine gland in the brain, secretes growth hormones to facilitate rapid height development. Nevertheless, the age of 14 is considered a turning point and plays a pivotal role in an individual’s height development.

Can a 14-Year-Old Increase Height?

Before exploring how to increase height at the age of 14, parents should understand whether a child at this age can continue growing taller. According to medical science, the rate of height increase slows compared to previous stages. This means a 14-year-old can grow taller, but the growth rate will be slower than in previous stages.

However, growth in height will continue until the bones reach their final stage of puberty and cease development entirely.

Ways to increase height at the age of 14?

Here are some ways to increase height at the age of 14 that parents and adolescents should know:

1. Balanced and Nutritious Diet – Effective Ways to Increase Height at Age of 14

Parents should ensure their children have a balanced diet, providing essential nutrients such as protein, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin C, etc. Special attention should be given to foods that contribute to bone development, promoting both growth and strength:

– Protein-rich foods (fish, white meat, milk, soybeans, tofu, seaweed, shrimp…)
– Calcium-rich foods (various green vegetables, milk, dairy products…)
– Zinc (pumpkin seeds, peanuts, crab, oysters…)
– Vitamin D (fish, various mushrooms, sunlight…)

Additionally, doctors recommend maintaining a balanced and diverse diet across all three main meals. Moreover, adding 2-3 additional snacks can significantly enhance the effectiveness of height growth at the age of 14.

2. Physical Health and Exercise – Effective Ways to Increase Height at Age of 14

Physical exercise and sports activities are always recommended for children. They help train the body and positively impact height development. Sports like swimming, running, jump rope, and yoga can help elongate the body and encourage bone development.

Cách tăng chiều cao ở tuổi 14 mà ba mẹ cần phải biết! 2
Ways to Increase Height at the Age of 14

Exercising helps improve height in children

3. Adequate Sleep – Effective Ways to Increase Height at Age of 14

Children should sleep before 10 PM and get at least 8-10 hours of sleep. This period is known for the maximum secretion of growth hormones by the pituitary gland to stimulate height development. Thus, adequate and quality sleep significantly benefits 14-year-olds and must be strictly adhered to.

4. Height-Boosting Nutritional Supplements

In addition to a moderate diet to increase height for 14-year-olds, to support further height development, parents may consider providing height-boosting nutritional supplements (products containing calcium, vitamin D3, MK7).

However, to ensure safety and effectiveness when using any nutritional supplements, parents should seek advice from doctors and choose products from reputable brands with clear origins.

Should Parents Supplement Milk and Height-Boosting Vitamins for Children?

Supplementing milk and height-boosting vitamins should be carried out under the supervision of a doctor or nutrition expert. Children should receive sufficient calcium and vitamin D from natural food sources. Nevertheless, self-supplementation is not encouraged as calcium supplements for children differ from those for adults.

Cách tăng chiều cao ở tuổi 14 mà ba mẹ cần phải biết! 3
Ways to Increase Height at the Age of 14

Foods rich in vitamin D help with height growth.

The age of 14 is a crucial stage in a child’s height development. To increase the chance of height development, children need to pay attention to nutrition, exercise, and ensure adequate sleep. However, supplementing milk and vitamins should be done under professional supervision.

The article has provided information on ways to increase height at the age of 14. However, if you or your child are interested in height increase, it’s advisable to discuss and seek advice from doctors or nutrition experts for the most specific and suitable guidance.

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