Determining Pregnancy by Looking at the Wrist: Is the Folk Method Accurate?

The method of determining pregnancy by looking at the wrist is a popular folk technique that has been around for a long time. However, is the accuracy of this method as reliable as rumored? Let’s explore this topic with Doctor Network.


The Origin of the Wrist-Reading Pregnancy Method

The folk method of determining pregnancy by looking at the wrist has been prevalent for a long time. From a medical perspective, there is a reasonable basis for this. When women are pregnant, the heart begins to pump more vigorously to ensure blood flow to the uterus, aiding the development of the fetus.

Consequently, the amount of blood pumped from the heart, known as the cardiac output, increases by 30-50%. The heart rate also rises to approximately 70-90 beats per minute compared to before pregnancy. This leads to an increased pulse at the wrist.

Around the 30th week of pregnancy, cardiac output slightly decreases, and an additional 30% increase occurs during labor. After the birthing process, cardiac output gradually decreases and returns to the initial state after about 6 weeks.

Therefore, relying on the wrist to determine pregnancy has a reasonable medical foundation. However, in addition to this method, women should also consider using accurate pregnancy tests like home pregnancy kits.

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Determining pregnancy by looking at the wrist is a folk remedy with scientific basis in traditional medicine.


How to Determining Pregnancy by Looking at the Wrist

  • Step 1: Preparation: Before measuring the pulse, place two fingers on the wrist to locate and memorize the pulse position. The smaller wrist vein is usually easier to locate. Once the pulse position is identified, each heartbeat can be counted as one pulse.
  • Step 2: Perform the Test: On the next day, prepare 4 grams of tea leaves for brewing tea. Boil about 30-40 ml of water and use it to make tea. After the tea has cooled, drink it. Then start counting the number of heartbeats per minute. The normal pulse rate for a non-pregnant person is around 70 beats per minute, while for a pregnant woman, it is typically about 80-85 beats per minute.


Is the Wrist-Reading Pregnancy Method Accurate?

Determining pregnancy by looking at the wrist is a folk method with a medical basis. Observing changes in blood flow at the wrist can provide a preliminary insight into the likelihood of pregnancy.

However, for the most accurate results, women should rely on the outcomes of two-line pregnancy tests or undergo ultrasound examinations. Ultrasound results provide precise information about the pregnancy status, including the fetal heartbeat. Additionally, after confirming pregnancy with a pregnancy test, certain kits allow predicting the gender of the baby.

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Apart from examining the wrist, pregnancy tests are also a reliable method for self-assessment


Signs of Pregnancy Without Wrist Examination

Besides the determining pregnancy by looking at the wrist , there are several other signs of pregnancy, such as:

  • Morning sickness: Pregnant women often experience morning sickness.
  • Sudden changes in body temperature and increased heart rate.
  • Back pain, headaches, and fatigue.
  • Significant increase in the need for rest during the pregnancy period.
  • Changes in dietary preferences: Pregnant women may have increased cravings.
  • Unusual mood swings.
  • Menstrual cycle delay.
  • Spotting: Often mistaken for a menstrual cycle, but usually minimal.

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Regular prenatal check-ups are essential to ensure the health of both mother and baby


In conclusion, the method of determining pregnancy by looking at the wrist remains a folk technique with a scientific and accurate basis. Besides, you can also refer to other signs of pregnancy provided by Doctor Network. Follow Doctor Network for daily health care updates verified by medical professionals.

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