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Is rhinoplasty a permanent solution, and essential considerations before undergoing nasal aesthetic surgery!

The current trend in rhinoplasty is to achieve natural and aesthetically pleasing results. However, is rhinoplasty a permanent solution? What are some aspects of this beauty procedure that you may not have considered? Let’s explore these questions in the following article, consulted by Dr. Tung Uong Thanh, an in-house specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery at Xanh Pon General Hospital.

What defines a beautiful nose?

A beautiful nose, according to Eastern beliefs and face reading, is one that harmonizes with the face. It’s not always the case that a high nose is beautiful. When the nose bridge is too high, it can make the nose appear pointed and give the face a sharp and edgy look, especially for those with sharp facial features. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a nose shape that harmonizes with other facial features to achieve the desired result.

Nâng mũi có giữ được vĩnh viễn không và những điều cần biết trước khi thẩm mỹ mũi! 1

A beautiful nose is one that harmonizes with the overall face structure

Is rhinoplasty a permanent solution?

The practice of shaping the nose, or rhinoplasty, is familiar to individuals passionate about beauty at any age. The nose holds particular importance in Eastern physiognomy, known as “ngu son” or the highest peak. Additionally, the nose is a significant and visually prominent facial feature. Therefore, people in the East often pay more attention to the nose compared to other facial parts.
When shaping the nose through structural, partial structural, or surgical methods, the procedure typically relies on the individual’s facial structure.

Is rhinoplasty a permanent solution is a common concern for those considering or undergoing rhinoplasty. Essentially, rhinoplasty can elevate the nose, but over time, the nose may lower due to the settling of nasal bones or the natural absorption of cartilage. Therefore, claiming that a nose lift is permanent is not accurate, as our bodies undergo changes over time. Even when using autologous cartilage, it may also be absorbed over time. Additionally, aging can lead to changes in soft tissues and skin, affecting the internal structure of the nose.

If you wish to alter the shape of your nose, surgical intervention can be considered.

Nâng mũi có giữ được vĩnh viễn không và những điều cần biết trước khi thẩm mỹ mũi! 2

Is rhinoplasty a permanent solution? The answer is no

How to maintain long-lasting nose aesthetics?

The longevity of nose lift results depends on various factors. Firstly, it relies on the surgical method and nose shaping technique. Secondly, it depends on the client’s needs. In cases of excessively high nose lifts, known as a “high-flying” nose, the materials used to elevate the nose may gradually descend over time, resulting in non-permanent outcomes.
To maintain long-lasting nose lift results, it is crucial to choose a nose shape that harmonizes with the face, the current nose structure, and an appropriate surgical approach.

Can nose lift be performed for those with sinusitis or allergic rhinitis?

In essence, aesthetic nose surgery involves augmenting the nose’s height. Therefore, individuals with low nasal bones or low nasal tips seeking to enhance their nose height through aesthetic surgery can still undergo the procedure, even if they suffer from sinusitis or allergic rhinitis. Aesthetic nose surgery does not directly involve the sinuses; it focuses on modifying the bone and cartilage. However, performing nose surgery during severe sinusitis may increase the risk of infection due to increased nasal secretions post-surgery. Therefore, Dr. Tung Uong Thanh, a specialist in aesthetic surgery at Xanh Pon General Hospital, advises addressing and resolving sinusitis before undergoing nose surgery.

Nâng mũi có giữ được vĩnh viễn không và những điều cần biết trước khi thẩm mỹ mũi! 3

Sinusitis and allergic rhinitis should be treated before rhinoplasty surgery if the inflammation is severe

Which cases should avoid nose lift?

There are certain cases where nose lift is not recommended, including individuals with chronic conditions such as blood clotting disorders, cancer, lupus erythematosus, or compromised immune systems. These individuals should avoid aesthetic nose surgery due to potential risks during the procedure.
Additionally, women who have recently given birth and have not fully recovered should refrain from immediate nose lifts.

This article has provided insights into “Is rhinoplasty a permanent solution” and related information you may not be aware of. It is hoped that this article will offer readers a more scientific perspective on nose aesthetics, helping them make informed decisions after thorough discussions with aesthetic surgeons and a clear understanding of the potential risks and achievable results.

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