3 Effective Salt Treatments for Hives

Hives, characterized by red, swollen, itchy skin, can be incredibly uncomfortable. There are various ways to alleviate hives symptoms, and one common folk remedy involves using salt. So, how effective is “salt treatments for hives“? Let’s explore this in the following article.

What are Hives?

Hives, also known as urticaria or welts, are skin reactions triggered by allergens such as food, weather, animal dander, insect bites, and certain medications. Characterized by raised, pink or red welts on the skin surface, hives can cause intense itching, with sizes and positions changing continuously.

Hives are categorized into acute (lasting a few hours to several weeks) and chronic (lasting longer than 6 weeks).

cach-tri-me-day-bang-muoi-1 Salt-Treatments-for-Hives

Urticaria is divided into acute urticaria and chronic urticaria

Why Salt May Support Hives Treatment?

Table salt (sodium chloride) has long been used in medicine due to several properties:

Antibacterial properties: Helps cleanse the affected skin area, reducing the risk of infection, especially with persistent scratching. Anti-itch and anti-inflammatory effects: A study has shown that saltwater baths can improve symptoms of allergic skin inflammation, a condition related to hives.

Thanks to these properties, salt may support alleviating the uncomfortable symptoms of hives.

Effective Salt Treatments for Hives

Here are some effective salt treatments for hives commonly used in folk medicine:

  1. Diluted Saltwater Baths:

Prepare saline solution (0.9% saline solution) or dissolve a tablespoon of salt in about 2 liters of warm water. Soak a soft cloth in the saltwater solution and gently apply it to the hives-affected area, or directly bathe in the diluted saltwater. Bathe once or twice daily until symptoms subside.

  1. Warm Salt Compress:
  • Put a handful of salt into a pan and heat it until hot.
  • Wrap the heated salt in a clean cloth and apply it to the hives-affected area while the salt is still warm.
  • Note: Avoid applying excessively hot salt to prevent skin burns.


“Effective Salt Treatments for Hives” – apply hot salt compresses

  1. Combination with Other Ingredients:
  • Bitter melon leaves: Crush bitter melon leaves with some salt, apply the mixture to the affected area for about 30 minutes, then rinse with clean water.
  • Plantain leaves: Similar to bitter melon leaves.
  • Purslane, mugwort: Combine similarly as above.


“how to treat hives with salt” combined with wormwood leaves

Considerations for Salt Treatment for Hives

  • Salt treatments only provide symptom relief and are not a definitive cure for hives.
  • Consult a doctor to determine the cause and appropriate treatment if hives are severe, prolonged, recur frequently, or if serious symptoms such as difficulty breathing or facial swelling occur.
  • Before applying “salt treatment for hives,” ensure to clean the leaves thoroughly and soak them in diluted saltwater for hygiene purposes.
  • Use the appropriate concentration of saltwater, especially for sensitive skin, such as that of young children.
  • Perform a patch test on a small skin area before applying to a larger area to check for any allergic reactions.

Additional Advice

In addition to “treating hives with salt,” you should consider:

Identifying and avoiding triggers that cause hives to flare up. Wearing loose, breathable clothing made of soft materials. Maintaining a healthy diet, avoiding allergenic foods. Using other anti-itch measures such as cool compresses.

Frequently Asked Questions About “Treating Hives with Salt”

Here are 5 frequently asked questions closely related to the topic of “treating hives with salt” and their corresponding answers:

Is treating hives with salt really effective?

“Treating hives with salt” – Salt possesses antibacterial properties and can help alleviate symptoms of hives such as itching and inflammation to a certain extent. However, the effectiveness depends on the severity of the hives and individual constitution. Salt is not a medicinal cure and cannot entirely substitute medical treatment.

How long does it take for salt water compresses to be effective in treating hives?

There is no specific timeframe to guarantee effectiveness. Relief from itching when using salt treatments for hives can occur rapidly in some individuals or may take longer. Pay attention to your body’s reactions and carefully follow usage instructions for safety.

Are there any other home remedies besides “treating hives with salt”?

There are several other home remedies also used to help alleviate hives symptoms, including:

  • Bathing or applying bitter melon leaves
  • Bathing in water with lemongrass leaves
  • Drinking green tea
  • Applying aloe vera gel

Can children be treated for hives with salt?

“Treating hives with salt” can be used for children, but keep in mind:

  • Always dilute salt with clean water in the appropriate ratio; 0.9% saline solution is the safest.
  • Check the water temperature before bathing or applying compresses.
  • Monitor the child’s reaction and discontinue use if signs of skin irritation occur.

What should I do if treating hives with salt doesn’t work in the long term?

Do not self-administer “treating hives with salt.” If symptoms persist or worsen, stop using it and consult a dermatologist for a proper diagnosis and suitable treatment plan.

Here are some scientific references regarding treating hives with salt:

  1. A study from Iran’s National University of Medical Sciences demonstrates that 0.9% NaCl solution is effective in treating skin infections caused by Staphylococcus aureus bacteria.
  2. Research from Thailand’s University of Medicine found that bathing in saltwater can improve itching symptoms in patients with allergic dermatitis ([URL deleted]).
  3. Salt is an easily accessible, inexpensive, and safe ingredient for most people. However, it is essential to note the appropriate salt concentration to avoid using overly salty solutions, which may cause skin irritation.


Consult a doctor before using salt to treat hives, especially for children or individuals with sensitive skin. Combine other measures such as avoiding allergens, maintaining skin hygiene, and using moisturizers to reduce itching and inflammation.


Treating hives with salt is a simple and safe folk remedy that helps alleviate discomfort caused by hives. However, it should be combined with appropriate medical treatment for the best results.





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