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What can a 9 month old baby do? 3 smart ways to care for a healthy baby

The 9-month mark is a significant milestone in a baby’s development. At this age, babies are no longer just lying in one spot; they become active, curious, and ready to explore the world. So, specifically, “what can a 9 month old baby do?” Let’s explore this in the article below!

Motor Skills and Physical Development of a 9-Month-Old Baby

“What can a 9-month-old baby do?” – Motor skills of a 9-month-old

  • Crawling proficiently; some babies crawl very quickly.
  • Sitting steadily without support.
  • Pulling up to stand while holding onto objects.
  • Grasping and picking up objects skillfully, transferring them from one hand to another.
  • Some babies start taking their first steps.

be-9-thang-biet-lam-gi-1 What-can-a-9-month-old-baby-do

“What can a 9 month old baby do” – Sit firmly without support

Physical Development of a 9 Month Old Baby

  • The weight gain slows down but remains steady. Height also increases significantly.
  • Bones and muscles continue to develop, making the baby stronger.

How Can Parents Support Their Baby?

  • Create a safe environment for the baby to move and explore freely.
  • Encourage the baby to crawl, pull up to stand, and play appropriate physical games.


“9 month old baby knows what to do” – grasp and pick up objects

Cognitive and Language Development of a 9-Month-Old Baby

“What can a 9-month-old baby do?” – Cognitive milestones of a 9-month-old

  • Recognizing and distinguishing familiar people from strangers.
  • Understanding some simple words like “dad,” “mom,” “no,” etc.
  • Imitating sounds and actions of others.
  • Searching for hidden objects.

Communication of a 9-Month-Old Baby

  • Babies begin to “talk” more through babbling and cooing.
  • Responding when hearing their name.
  • Expressing emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger, etc.
  • Using gestures to show desires, such as raising arms to be picked up.


“9 month old baby knows what to do” – expressing emotions of happiness, sadness, anger, etc

How to Help Your Baby Develop Language:

  • Regularly talk, read books, and sing to the baby.
  • Repeat and name objects and actions.
  • Play simple interactive games like peek-a-boo.

Nutrition and Important Notes for a 9-Month-Old Baby

Nutrition for a 9-Month-Old Baby

  • Breast milk remains the most important source of nutrition. Feed the baby on demand.
  • Continue with solid foods 2-3 times a day. The baby’s diet can include a variety of foods such as cereals, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, etc., either pureed or finely chopped.

How Long Should a 9-Month-Old Baby Sleep?

  • The total sleep time for a baby this age is about 12-14 hours per day, including 2-3 short naps during the day and a longer sleep at night.
  • Establish a consistent sleep routine for the baby.

Safety for a 9-Month-Old Baby

  • A 9-month-old baby is very active, so parents need to keep a close watch.
  • Cover electrical outlets, and keep dangerous items like knives, scissors, and medications out of reach.
  • Ensure the baby’s toys are safe and free of small parts that could cause choking.

Encouraging Comprehensive Development for a 9-Month-Old Baby

What Can a 9-Month-Old Baby Play With?

  • Play peek-a-boo, drop and pick up toys, and stack blocks.
  • Read colorful, picture-rich books to the baby.

Role of Parents

  • Spend time playing and interacting with the baby daily.
  • Talk, sing to the baby, and explore the surrounding world together.

Signs to Watch Out For

  • If a 9-month-old baby has not achieved basic motor or cognitive milestones or shows unusual health signs, parents should consult a doctor for advice. Avoid comparing your baby with others, as each baby develops at their own pace.

Here are 5 questions related to “what can a 9 month old baby do?” along with appropriate answers:

Is it concerning if a 9-month-old baby hasn’t started crawling yet?

Answer: “What can a 9-month-old baby do?” – While many 9-month-old babies have mastered crawling, some may not have reached this milestone yet. Every baby develops at their own pace, so not crawling at this stage is not necessarily a cause for concern. Encourage your baby to move and provide ample floor time for practice. If you remain concerned, you can discuss with a pediatrician for specific advice.

How can parents stimulate language development in a 9-month-old baby?

Answer: “What can a 9 month old baby do?” – At 9 months, babies start babbling more and understanding some simple words. To stimulate language development, parents should:

  • Engage in frequent conversations with the baby, using clear and coherent language.
  • Read books, tell stories, and sing to the baby.
  • Name objects and daily actions.
  • Repeat the sounds the baby makes and encourage them to “respond.”
  • Play simple interactive games like “peek-a-boo.”

How should a 9-month-old baby be introduced to solid foods?

Answer: Alongside breastfeeding, introducing solid foods plays a crucial role in the nutrition of a 9-month-old baby. Pay attention to the following:

  • Offer the baby solid foods 2-3 times a day.
  • Foods should be pureed or finely chopped to match the baby’s chewing and swallowing abilities.
  • Diversify the menu with food groups such as cereals, vegetables, fruits, meats, fish, eggs, etc.
  • Avoid adding seasoning to foods for babies under 1 year old.
  • Observe the baby’s reaction to new foods to prevent allergies.

Is it dangerous if a 9-month-old baby startles during sleep?

Answer: Startling during sleep is quite common in 9-month-old babies due to immature nervous systems. Typically, this is not dangerous, and babies will outgrow it. To help the baby sleep better, parents should:

  • Establish a consistent sleep routine.
  • Maintain a quiet, dark, and cool sleep environment.
  • Ensure the baby is adequately fed before sleep.
  • Comfort and soothe the baby if they startle awake.

Should a 9-month-old baby be encouraged to walk?

Answer: At this age, some 9-month-old babies may begin pulling up to stand, and a few may even take their first steps. However, it’s not advisable to push a baby to walk too early. Instead, allow the baby to move freely, crawl, and pull up to stand to promote healthy leg muscles. When the baby is ready, they will naturally learn to walk with less assistance.

Scientific evidence regarding “what can a 9 month old baby do“:

Motor Skills:

  • Crawling: According to a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics, 75% of 9-month-old babies can crawl.
  • Sitting Steadily: Most 9-month-old babies can sit steadily without support.
  • Pulling Up: Some 9-month-old babies can pull themselves up by holding onto objects.

Cognitive Development:

  • Recognizing Familiar Faces: 9-month-old babies can distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar faces.
  • Understanding Simple Words: Babies can comprehend simple words like “dad,” “mom,” and “no.”
  • Imitating Sounds: Babies start babbling and imitating sounds made by others.


  • Breastfeeding: Breast milk remains the best source of nutrition for 9-month-old babies.
  • Introduction to Solid Foods: Babies need to supplement breast milk with solid foods.


What can a 9 month old baby do?” is a common question among parents. This is an important stage with many exciting developmental milestones for babies. It is hoped that this article has provided parents with useful information to accompany their babies through this crucial stage!





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