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What Can an 8 Month Old Baby Do? Development, nutrition, movement

The eighth month marks an exciting phase in a baby’s growth journey. Each day seems to bring new skills and a growing curiosity about the world. This article, advised by pediatric health experts, aims to help parents understand What Can an 8 Month Old Baby Do and provides suggestions to support them.

8-Month-Old Baby Motor Development

  • Crawling: At 8 months, babies can crawl in various ways, such as commando crawling or even crawling backward. Crawling strengthens muscles and prepares them for walking in the future.


“What can an 8 month old baby do” – the baby can crawl

  • Sitting: Babies can sit steadily and may be able to sit up on their own without much support. Sitting position offers a new perspective, encouraging exploration of their surroundings.
  • Physical Activities: During this stage, babies may also roll over, grasp objects, and transfer items between hands. Physical activities are crucial, benefiting both physical and mental health.


“What can an 8-month-old baby do” – Develop motor skills to hold and grasp objects

Activities for 8-Month-Old Babies

Parents should create a safe space for babies to move freely and place toys in positions that encourage crawling or reaching. Colorful toys with amusing sounds aid in sensory development.

Cognitive and Language Expansion

  • Object Permanence: At 8 months, babies begin to understand the concept of object permanence, realizing that objects still exist even when out of sight. They mimic sounds, perform simple actions, and respond clearly when called by name.
  • Waving Bye-Bye: Babies start using purposeful gestures for communication, like waving goodbye or pointing at desired objects.

be-8-thang-biet-lam-gi-3 What-Can-an-8-Month-Old-Baby-Do

“8 month old baby knows what to do” – 8 month old baby knows how to wave

Activities for 8-Month-Old Babies

Regularly engaging in conversations, singing, and reading to babies stimulates brain development. Simple games like peekaboo also reinforce basic concepts.

Nutritional Regimen for 8-Month-Old Babies

  • Dietary Choices: Breast milk or formula remains the primary source of nutrition. Besides, parents can introduce a variety of foods like mashed fruits, steamed vegetables, and cereals. Monitoring for signs of allergies is essential.
  • Nutritional Needs: Iron, zinc, calcium, and vitamin D are essential for bone, brain, and immune system development.
  • Teething in 8-Month-Old Babies: Many babies start teething, which can be uncomfortable. Safe, cool teething toys can help alleviate pain.

Signs Requiring Attention

Every baby develops differently. However, parents should consult a pediatrician if an 8-month-old exhibits the following signs:

  • Inability to sit
  • Inability to move independently
  • Difficulty transferring objects between hands
  • Appears disengaged or lacks eye contact with the environment

Here are 5 questions related to “What Can an 8 Month Old Baby Do?”:

My 8-month-old baby hasn’t started crawling yet. Is this abnormal?

“What Can an 8-Month-Old Baby Do?” – Development of motor skills varies for each baby. Some babies start crawling earlier, while others may start later. If your baby is active, rolls over, sits steadily, and reacts responsively, there’s no need to worry. Create opportunities for crawling by placing toys slightly out of reach and encourage independent movement.

What can I do to stimulate overall development in my 8-month-old baby?

Parents play a crucial role in the development of an 8-month-old. Encouraging activities include:

  • Physical Activity: Provide a safe space for free movement, crawling, and reaching for objects.
  • Communication: Engage in regular conversations, sing, and read to your baby.
  • Playtime: Sensory play (exploring different textures), peekaboo, and other simple games promote cognitive and skill development.

How can I tell if my 8-month-old baby understands adult speech?

“What Can an 8-Month-Old Baby Do?” At 8 months, babies typically respond more clearly to their names and understand simple words like “no” or “clap.” Notice if your baby turns their head when called or performs simple actions when requested. Regular clear communication aids in language development.

Does teething in 8-month-old babies lead to more crying?

Teething can cause discomfort, resulting in increased crying, difficulty sleeping, and loss of appetite. Parents can soothe teething pain by gently massaging the gums with clean gauze or offering cool teething toys. If the baby has a high fever or prolonged crying, consult a pediatrician.

Does an 8-month-old baby need additional vitamin D?

Deficiency in vitamin D can lead to bone issues in infants. However, the decision to supplement vitamin D should be based on a doctor’s evaluation. Breast milk, formula, and appropriate sun exposure are sources of vitamin D for 8-month-old babies. Parents should not supplement vitamin D without consulting a healthcare professional.

Scientific evidence regarding “What Can an 8 Month Old Baby Do?”:

  1. Motor Skills:
    • Crawling: According to a study from the University of California, Berkeley, 75% of 8-month-old babies can crawl.
    • Sitting: 90% of 8-month-old babies can sit steadily without support.
  2. Cognitive Development:
    • Object Understanding: 8-month-old babies can understand that objects exist even when out of sight.
    • Imitating Actions: 8-month-old babies can imitate simple actions like clapping or shaking their heads.
  3. Language Development:
    • Babbling: 8-month-old babies can produce simple sounds like “ba” or “ma.”
    • Responding to Names: 8-month-old babies can turn their heads when called.


The 8-month-old phase is full of wonders and challenges. Understanding what an 8-month-old baby can do helps parents better support their child and fosters deep bonding. Enjoy each moment and remember to schedule regular health check-ups for your baby!





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