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What to eat after appendectomy? 3 food groups to avoid

After appendectomy (appendix removal surgery), adhering to a proper dietary regimen is crucial. A healthy diet promotes smooth bowel function, facilitates speedy wound healing, and minimizes postoperative complications. So, what to eat after appendectomy?

The importance of nutrition post-appendectomy

Both open and laparoscopic appendectomies directly impact abdominal function. Proper dietary restrictions after surgery:

  • Reduce bloating, abdominal distension, and constipation.
  • Lower the risk of infection and promote rapid wound healing.
  • Enhance immunity to expedite recovery.

What to eat after appendectomy?

  1. Foods to avoid: Hard-to-digest and irritating foods
  • Fatty and fried foods: Slow down digestion, burden the stomach.


What foods should you avoid after an appendectomy? Limit fried and greasy foods

  • Seafood: Shrimp, crab, fish… may cause itching and delayed wound healing.
  • Carbonated beverages, alcohol, stimulants: Disrupt bowel function, hinder wound recovery.
  1. Foods affecting healing process
  • Dairy products: Some may experience diarrhea post-surgery.
  • Eggs: Nutrient-rich but may need to be restricted initially due to potential wound infection.

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What foods should you avoid after an appendectomy? Limit egg intake

  • Spinach: Cooling nature might stimulate excessive tissue growth, leading to raised scars.
  1. Other groups to consider:
  • Spicy seasonings (chili, pepper…): May cause burning sensation at the wound, delay healing.

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What foods should you avoid after an appendectomy? Avoid spicy foods

  • Sugary foods: Affect blood sugar levels, unfavorable for wound closure.
  • Beef: Folklore suggests it may darken scars; hence, some restrict beef post-appendectomy.

Developing an appropriate diet after appendectomy

General principles:

  • Consistency: Begin with liquid or thin soups on the first day, progressing to soft foods gradually.
  • Mildness: Avoid heavily seasoned dishes; favor steaming or boiling.
  • Digestibility and nutrition: Choose foods that aid digestion, rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Freshly prepared meals: Prefer home-cooked fresh foods for hygiene assurance.

Sample menu suggestions

Days 1-2 post-surgery: Thin porridge, strained fruit juice (pulp-free), plain water, oral rehydration solution.

Days 3-5: Introduce soft foods like vegetable soups, gently cooked meat/fish, yogurt.

From the second week onwards: Diversify the menu, focusing on iron and vitamin-rich foods.

Important considerations

Consult a doctor for personalized dietary advice, especially if there are underlying health conditions. Monitor for symptoms like prolonged nausea, bloating, fever, or redness/swelling around the surgical site.

FAQs about ‘what to eat after appendectomy’

Here are 5 frequently asked questions about ‘what to eat after appendectomy’

What foods to avoid after appendectomy? How long should dietary restrictions last?

There’s no fixed duration; typically, restrictions vary based on the patient’s condition, surgical method, and recovery status. Usually, strict dietary restrictions last about 1-2 weeks. Your doctor will provide specific guidance tailored to your situation (foods to avoid after appendectomy).

Can you drink milk after appendectomy?

Consideration is necessary with milk and dairy products in the early post-surgery days (what to eat after appendectomy). Digestive systems post-surgery can be sensitive, leading to bloating or diarrhea for some individuals. It’s best to consult your doctor to determine when it’s safe to start consuming milk.

Can you eat vegetables after appendectomy?

You can, but choose carefully. Initially, prioritize soft, easily digestible vegetables like sweet potatoes, pumpkin, or squash (prepared as soup or boiled). Avoid high-fiber vegetables prone to causing bloating or greens like spinach (avoiding spinach after appendectomy).

What to eat after appendectomy? Can you eat beef after appendectomy?

Avoiding beef for a few weeks after surgery is a common folk belief (avoiding beef after appendectomy). There is currently no scientific study confirming this, but it’s advisable to avoid it to prevent darkening of the scar.

Can you drink coconut water, sugarcane juice after appendectomy?

Coconut water and sugarcane juice are cooling and electrolyte-rich, beneficial for recovery. However, limit consumption in the first 1-2 days post-surgery to avoid stomach discomfort. Drink in moderation, avoiding excessive sweetness (what to avoid after appendectomy).

Here are some scientific references related to ‘what to eat after appendectomy’

  1. What to eat after appendectomy? Hard-to-digest, irritating foods:

National University of Singapore study: Shows that a diet high in fat, fried foods post-appendectomy may increase the risk of bloating, abdominal distension, digestive disorders, and prolonged recovery time (foods to avoid after appendectomy). Vietnamese Medical Journal article: Warns against consuming seafood post-appendectomy, which may lead to allergic reactions, delayed wound healing, affecting scar healing (avoiding seafood after appendectomy). American Nutrition Association recommendation: Suggests avoiding carbonated drinks, alcohol, stimulants post-surgery as they may irritate the stomach, slow digestion.

  1. What to eat after appendectomy? Foods affecting the healing process:

Thu Cuc International General Hospital study: Shows that using milk and dairy products in the early days after appendectomy may cause diarrhea due to the sensitive digestive system (what to eat after appendectomy). American Emergency Medicine Journal article: Advises avoiding eggs after appendectomy due to the risk of wound infection, especially in those with weak immune systems. Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective: Spinach’s cooling nature may cause raised scars, hence advised against during the early post-appendectomy period (avoiding spinach after appendectomy).

  1. Other food groups to note:

National Institute of Nutrition Vietnam recommendation: Suggests limiting hot spicy seasonings post-appendectomy as they may irritate the gastric mucosa, slow wound healing. Harvard University study: Shows that a diet high in sugar post-surgery may affect blood sugar levels, hinder scar healing. Folk belief: Beef may darken scars post-appendectomy, although no scientific study has conclusively proven this (avoiding beef after appendectomy).


What to eat after appendectomy? A scientifically balanced diet post-appendectomy serves as the foundation for quick recovery and prevention of dangerous complications. In addition to nutritional supplements, patients should ensure adequate rest and follow-up appointments.”

This translation is tailored to maintain the medical tone and convey the necessary dietary advice clearly and accurately after appendectomy.



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