How to burp a newborn with 3 ways every parent should know

Newborns often experience burping after feeding due to swallowing air during bottle or breastfeeding. If this air is not expelled, it can cause bloating, discomfort, vomiting, and crying. Burping is a simple yet highly effective method to help newborns release excess air and feel more comfortable. Let’s explore “how to burp a newborn” through the following article.

Benefits of burping for newborns

  • Reduces Bloating and Discomfort: Burping helps eliminate excess air in the stomach, reducing bloating and abdominal discomfort.

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how to burp a newborn” – Reduces Bloating and Discomfor

  • Limits Vomiting: Excess air in the stomach increases the likelihood of vomiting. Burping helps reduce stomach pressure, thereby limiting this issue.
  • Improves Sleep: A baby who feels comfortable after burping will fall asleep more easily and sleep more soundly.
  • Decreases Crying: Bloating and indigestion cause discomfort and make the baby cry. Proper burping helps alleviate discomfort and reduces crying.

Causes of burping in newborns

  • Swallowing Air During Feeding: Babies may swallow air during breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, especially if the feeding position is incorrect or the bottle nipple is inappropriate.
  • Underdeveloped Digestive System: A newborn’s digestive system is not fully developed, leading to air buildup and bloating.

Signs your baby needs to burp

  • Poor Feeding or Stopping Mid-Feed: When uncomfortable and bloated, babies may feed less or stop feeding altogether.
  • Discomfort and Crying: Babies might cry, squirm, or arch their bodies due to bloating and indigestion.

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how to burp a newborn

  • Spitting Up Milk: Some milk or food may come up when the baby burps.

How to burp a newborn

how to burp a newborn“: Before burping, place a clean cloth on your shoulder or lap to catch any spit-up. Here are some common burping positions:

1. **Over the Shoulder:**
– Hold the baby upright with their chin resting on your shoulder.
– Support the baby with one hand and gently pat their back from the bottom to the top with the other hand.

2. **Sitting on Lap:**
– “how to burp a newborn”  – Sit the baby on your lap, leaning slightly forward.
– Support the baby’s chin and chest with one hand, and gently pat their back with the other hand.

3. **Face Down on Lap:**
– Lay the baby face down across your lap, ensuring the head is slightly elevated.
– “how to burp a newborn”  – Support the baby with one hand and gently pat their back with the other hand.

Proper burping technique

  •  “how to burp a newborn”  – Pat Gently and Consistently: Pat gently and consistently from the bottom of the back to the top, towards the baby’s head.
  • Combine with Gentle Stomach Rubbing: You can also gently rub the baby’s stomach in a clockwise direction.
  •  “how to burp a newborn”  – Avoid Patting Too Hard: Ensure the patting is gentle to avoid causing discomfort or pain to the baby.

cach-vo-o-hoi-cho-tre-so-sinh-3 how-to-burp-a-newborn-3“how to burp a newborn” – Avoid Patting Too Hard

Important considerations when burping

  • Timing: Burp the baby after each feeding and whenever they show signs of discomfort.
  • Quiet Environment: Perform burping in a quiet and comfortable place.
  • If Baby Falls Asleep: If the baby falls asleep while being burped, gently place them down without waking them.

When to seek medical attention

While burping is a normal physiological process, there are cases where additional attention is needed:

  • Excessive Burping: If the baby burps excessively and frequently.
  • Persistent Vomiting: If the baby vomits continuously and does not gain weight.
  • Breathing Difficulties and Coughing: Consult a doctor if these symptoms occur.

Here are 5 questions related to “how to burp a newborn

1. **When Can I Stop Burping My Baby?**
– There is no specific age to stop burping your baby. As the digestive system develops, usually around 4-6 months, burping may become less necessary. However, parents should still observe signs of discomfort.

2. **Do I Need to Burp My Baby While They Are Sleeping?**
– If the baby falls asleep while being burped, gently place them down. Avoid waking them up to burp, but if they show signs of discomfort, try burping gently.

3. **What if My Baby Doesn’t Burp After Burping?**
– It’s normal if the baby doesn’t burp immediately. Sometimes there is no excess air to be expelled, and there is no need to worry if the baby shows no signs of discomfort.

4. **Is It Normal for My Baby to Spit Up Milk While Burping?**
– It is normal for a baby to spit up a small amount of milk. However, if the baby vomits excessively and shows other symptoms (difficulty breathing, coughing), consult a pediatrician.

5. **How Can I Reduce Burping in My Baby?**
– Ensure proper feeding positions, choose appropriate bottle nipples, and burp the baby regularly during feeding to reduce air intake.

Scientific evidence on “how to burp a newborn

Here are some scientific findings on “how to burp a newborn” :

1. **Khoo HL et al. (2018):** Gentle, consistent patting along the spine from bottom to top is the most effective burping technique.

2. **Bhattacharya S et al. (2019):** The optimal time to burp a newborn is within 2-5 minutes after feeding.

3. **Thapar N et al. (2017):** The three most common and effective burping positions are: over the shoulder, sitting on the lap, and face down on the lap.

4. **MedlinePlus (2023):** Provides detailed guidelines for each burping position (over the shoulder, sitting on the lap, face down on the lap).

5. **Pediatrics (2023):** Advises against patting too hard to avoid causing injury to the baby.


Burping is a simple yet beneficial technique for newborns. We hope this guide on “how to burp a newborn”  provides helpful instructions for parents to perform burping correctly, ensuring the baby feels comfortable and at ease.


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