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Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Painful? How to Care for Your Mouth After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the third set of large molars located at the back of each dental arch. Do wisdom teeth need to be extracted, and is wisdom tooth extraction painful? Let’s explore these questions in consultation with Dr. Tran Phuong Binh, a specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at MedDental Dental System.


What Are Wisdom Teeth?

In layman’s terms, wisdom teeth are commonly referred to as “teeth of wisdom” or “third molars.” Scientifically, they are identified as the eighth teeth, typically erupting between the ages of 18 and 25. While not everyone develops wisdom teeth, those who do may become aware of them during their growth or may discover them incidentally through dental examinations or orthodontic procedures.

The natural sequence of tooth eruption begins with primary teeth, followed by the eruption of permanent teeth, including the wisdom teeth, which play a role in chewing and grinding food. The eruption sequence is genetically determined and does not involve the early appearance of the eighth tooth.

is wisdom tooth extraction painful 1

Wisdom teeth are molars that emerge at the rear positions of both the upper and lower dental arches


Consequences of Untreated Wisdom Teeth

Failure to address wisdom teeth in a timely manner can lead to complications such as:

1. Impact on Seventh Tooth (Tooth Number 7)

Wisdom teeth can cause decay in the adjacent seventh tooth. In cases where the eighth tooth is causing decay, extraction of the wisdom tooth is necessary.

2. Complications Due to Impaction

Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to issues such as dental crowding, misalignment, and the formation of cysts or infections. If left untreated, these complications can result in pain, swelling, difficulty in mouth opening, and disruptions in normal eating.

For women in the early stages of pregnancy, wisdom teeth causing compression can have significant implications. Severe cases may even necessitate the suspension of pregnancy (temporary cessation of childbirth) to address and intervene surgically.

4. Jaw Joint and Bite Issues

Wisdom teeth can contribute to jaw joint problems, leading to pain and stress. For example, the absence of a corresponding lower or upper eighth tooth can affect the bite, requiring intervention, including wisdom tooth extraction.

is wisdom tooth extraction painful 2

These are typical signs of wisdom teeth eruption


When Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Necessary?

The decision to extract wisdom teeth depends on various factors, including individual health, hygiene practices, and the specific condition of the teeth. Indications for extraction include:

1. Misalignment and Impaction

Wisdom teeth that grow at angles, horizontally, or impacted teeth may require extraction.

2. Tooth Alignment Procedures

Cases where orthodontic interventions like braces are involved may necessitate the extraction of wisdom teeth.

3. Unseen Issues Revealed by Imaging

X-rays or CT scans may reveal issues like sub-gingival eruption or the presence of a cyst, prompting the need for wisdom tooth removal.

is wisdom tooth extraction painful 3

Crooked eruption of wisdom teeth can affect adjacent teeth


Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Painful and Dangerous?

The question “is wisdom tooth extraction painful?” is common and depends on several factors:

Complexity of Extraction

The difficulty in the position of the wisdom tooth can impact the level of pain. A more complicated extraction process may result in increased discomfort for the patient.

Dentist’s Expertise

The skill and expertise of the dentist play a crucial role. A highly skilled oral surgeon can perform the procedure efficiently, minimizing pain and ensuring a faster recovery.

Use of Anesthesia

Proper anesthesia techniques can significantly reduce pain during the extraction process. Dentists may use local anesthesia or offer sedation options to make the procedure more comfortable for the patient.


Post-Extraction Care

Caring for the mouth after wisdom tooth extraction is essential for a smooth recovery. Specific care instructions may vary based on the extraction method, but general post-extraction care includes:

Ice Pack Application

Applying an ice pack for 15 minutes or until numbness helps reduce swelling and discomfort.

Oral Hygiene

Maintain good oral hygiene by gently rinsing the mouth with warm saltwater and keeping the extraction site clean.

Medication Compliance

Take prescribed antibiotics and pain medications as directed by the dentist.

Monitoring for Complications

Keep an eye out for any signs of infection, excessive swelling, or prolonged bleeding, and promptly report any concerns to the dentist.


In summary, to answer the question is wisdom tooth extraction painful, while wisdom tooth extraction may involve some discomfort, proper care and attention to post-extraction instructions can contribute to a smoother recovery. If experiencing persistent pain or any concerning symptoms, it is advisable to seek prompt medical attention for an evaluation and suitable treatment.

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