What are the Benefits of Bear Bile? 9 Common Uses

According to traditional medicine, bear bile has been praised and sought after as a miraculous remedy for various illnesses. However, with the advancement of medical science, many studies have highlighted the negative impacts of using bear bile. Therefore, this article aims to explore “what are the benefits of bear bile?” and considerations when using this product.


What is Bear Bile?

Bear bile, also known as gallbladder bile, is the bile extracted from the gallbladder of bears. Bear species such as the Asiatic black bear and the sun bear are commonly found in Vietnam, especially in the Northwestern, Central Highlands, and Central regions. They are also widely distributed in many other countries worldwide, including China, Japan, Laos, Nepal, and Cambodia.

Traditionally, the amount of bile obtained from each bear may vary depending on the bear’s weight and the harvesting time. Winter usually yields more bile, but bile harvested in spring is often of better quality.


Bear bile, also known as gallbladder bile, is the bile extracted from the gallbladder of bears

In the past, obtaining bear bile involved killing bears and extracting the gallbladder, followed by processing to extract the bile and remove the fat. The bile was then dried on racks and tightly packaged for preservation. If stored in a humid and high-temperature environment, it could lose its properties and turn into a liquid.

However, the practice of harvesting bear bile has been criticized as cruel and outdated due to its association with bear killing for bile extraction, which goes against wildlife protection policies. Although the effectiveness of bear bile is not well-established, the harmful effects of bile extraction have been widely reported.


What Are the Benefits of Bear Bile?

What are the benefits of bear bile? The purported benefits of bear bile have been commonly discussed in traditional folk medicine. Some oral remedies suggest that consuming bear bile may assist in treating various conditions such as:

  • What are the benefits of bear bile Dental pain relief
  • What are the benefits of bear bile – Heat-clearing and detoxification
  • What are the benefits of bear bile – Reducing swelling from injuries, trauma, and falls
  • What are the benefits of bear bile – Treating gastric pain and digestive disorders
  • What are the benefits of bear bile – Treating jaundice, supporting psychological treatment
  • What are the benefits of bear bile – Anti-inflammatory effects
  • What are the benefits of bear bile – Lowering cholesterol and blood fat
  • What are the benefits of bear bile – Supporting cancer treatment, preventing spread
  • What are the benefits of bear bile – Improving longevity

However, no research has proven the 100% effectiveness of bear bile. Instead, these health conditions can often be treated through support and guidance from healthcare centers or hospitals applying appropriate treatment protocols.


Harmful Effects of Bear Bile

While once considered a top medicinal resource in traditional medicine, numerous studies have shown that bear bile, along with the process of bear bile extraction, contains many harmful components, posing significant risks to human health. Specifically:

1. Liver inflammation

Bear bile contains toxic substances that can cause liver inflammation, especially the bile of bear species such as the sun bear containing chenodeoxycholic acid, which can induce liver inflammation and cirrhosis. Drinking bear bile is also believed to carry the risk of introducing cancer-causing agents into the body.

2. Kidney damage

While bears can ingest large amounts of honey and digest raw meat, humans cannot do this. Drinking bear bile can cause fever, and excessive use can damage the liver and kidneys, leading to liver failure and death.

3. Bleeding

Bear bile is used to massage wounds, but if consumed, it can increase blood circulation rapidly, causing blood vessel rupture, leading to gastrointestinal bleeding, gastric ulcers, and death. Some users have experienced widespread bruising and skin swelling due to blood vessel rupture.


If consumed, bear bile can potentially increase blood circulation rapidly, leading to ruptured blood vessels

4. Side effects

Some believe that bear bile can enhance sexual health, but in reality, excessive use of traditional Chinese medicine, including bear bile, can cause side effects. The risk of reduced sperm quality leading to infertility has been recorded.

Additionally, bear farming for bile extraction is often associated with the use of antibiotics to prevent infection. Therefore, bear bile contains a large amount of antibiotics, posing a significant risk to consumers.


Considerations When Using Bear Bile

Due to legal regulations imposing many provisions for wildlife protection, the killing of bears for bile extraction has been banned. Therefore, places selling bear bile today often involve illegal captivity, lacking hygiene and safety during the harvesting and preservation of bear bile. Consumers need to consider carefully before purchasing and using bear bile to avoid potential harm caused by this product.


Due to legal regulations imposing numerous provisions for the protection of wildlife, the killing of bears for bear bile extraction has been prohibited

Groups such as welders, people with gallstone obstructions, pregnant and breastfeeding women should absolutely avoid drinking bear bile. If using bear bile for massage to reduce swelling, it should be applied sparingly to open wounds, only when the superficial skin has formed. Storing bear bile should be done in a dry, cool place, avoiding direct sunlight entirely.


This article has provided information on “what are the benefits of bear bile” and related knowledge. It is hoped that the article will be useful to you!

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