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What to Eat to Boost Immunity? The Top 4 Essential Nutrient Groups You Can’t Ignore!

To enhance immunity, the crucial factor is the selection of suitable foods. So, what to eat to boost immunity? Let’s explore in the following article!


What is Immunity?

Immunity is the body’s ability to resist agents that cause diseases, such as viruses, bacteria, pollutants, and weather changes. The immune system, consisting of organs, cells, tissues, and proteins, plays a vital role in protecting the body. The primary cause of decreased immunity is immune system impairment.


Causes of Weakened Immunity

Weakened immunity can result from various factors, including:

1. Diseases and Health Disorders

Conditions like HIV/AIDS, lupus, malnutrition, diabetes, cancer, and immune-related diseases can lead to weakened immunity.

2. Medications and Treatments

The use of specific drugs, especially immune-suppressants used after organ transplants or in cancer treatment, can weaken immunity.

3. Stress and Pressure

Prolonged mental stress and pressure can impact the immune system, reducing its ability to fight diseases.

4. Lifestyle and Nutrition Habits

Lack of sleep, imbalanced diet, deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals can also weaken immunity.


Lack of sleep can lead to weakened immune function

5. Environment and Living Conditions

Living in a polluted environment, exposure to toxic substances, air pollution, and unfavorable living conditions can contribute to weakened immunity.

6. Age

Immunity may decrease naturally with aging, especially in the elderly.

7. Excessive Lifestyle Factors

Alcohol, tobacco, or other addictive substances can have a negative impact on the immune system.

8. Genetic Factors

Some individuals may have a predisposition to weakened immunity due to genetic factors.

Remember that immunity is a complex system, and its decline can be influenced by various factors or their combination.


Signs of Weakened Immunity

Common signs of weakened immunity include digestive issues, infections such as sinusitis, ear infections, red eyes, and fatigue. When these symptoms arise, it is essential to consult a doctor and undergo relevant tests for appropriate remedial measures.


Impacts of Weakened Immunity

Decreased immunity can increase the risk of viral infections and various illnesses, ranging from mild to severe, such as colds, flu, Covid-19, acute pharyngitis, and allergic rhinitis. Individuals with a family history of primary immunodeficiency disorders are at higher risk. Any factor that weakens the immune system can lead to secondary immunodeficiency disorders, for example, exposure to HIV-contaminated fluids or organ transplantation.


What to Eat to Boost Immunity?

1. What to Eat to Boost Immunity? – Vitamin A

Vitamin A plays a crucial role in the immune system, especially in children. Adequate Vitamin A supplementation reduces the risk of mortality in infants. Sources include chicken liver, gac fruit, spinach, and beet leaves.


What to Eat to Boost Immunity? – Vitamin A helps protect the immune system

2. What to Eat to Boost Immunity? – Vitamin E

Vitamin E protects cells, limits the invasion of viruses and bacteria, maintains the activity of nerve regions in the brain, and acts as an antioxidant. To enhance immunity, include Vitamin E from sunflower oil, olive oil, wheat germ, sesame, mung bean sprouts, and dark green vegetables.

3. What to Eat to Boost Immunity? – Vitamin D

Vitamin D is crucial not only for bone development but also for various immune, circulatory, digestive, and nervous system functions. The body can synthesize Vitamin D under sunlight UV rays. Additionally, it can be absorbed from seafood, fish liver, egg yolk, etc.

4. What to Eat to Boost Immunity? – Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for strengthening immunity. Adequate supplementation enhances the activity of immune components like globulin and white blood cells. Rich sources include green leafy vegetables like spinach, beet leaves, Malabar spinach, daylily, as well as fruits like grapefruit, oranges, lemons, limes, and papaya.


Vitamin C has numerous health benefits

In addition to these vitamins, immunity is reinforced by minerals such as iron, zinc, selenium, etc. Importantly, before starting any supplementation, consult with a doctor or nutrition expert to ensure its suitability for health conditions and to prevent any adverse effects on the body.


This article has provided information on “what to eat to boost immunity” and related topics. We hope this article is helpful to you.

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