Benefits of drinking water with Achyranthes aspera?

Achyranthes aspera, known as “cỏ xước” in Vietnam, is a valuable herb in traditional Vietnamese medicine. This plant is not only easily accessible but also offers numerous health benefits, particularly when used in the form of a decoction. This article provides detailed information on the benefits of drinking water with Achyranthes aspera, how to use it effectively and safely, and important precautions.


Introduction to Achyranthes Aspera

Achyranthes aspera, also known as “ngưu tất nam” or “hoài ngưu tất” (scientific name: Achyranthes aspera), is a common herb in traditional medicine. It is characterized by its herbaceous stem, erect growth, oval leaves, and long clusters of white flowers. The plant grows wild in many regions of Vietnam and is also cultivated for medicinal purposes.


The plant grows wild in many regions of Vietnam and is also cultivated for medicinal purposes

Reported Benefits of Achyranthes Aspera Decoction

  1. Lowers Blood Pressure – benefits of drinking water with Achyranthes aspera: Some studies indicate that active compounds in Achyranthes aspera can dilate blood vessels, thereby supporting blood pressure reduction.
  2. Pain Relief: In traditional medicine, Achyranthes aspera is used to alleviate joint pain, headaches, and other aches due to its bitter taste and cooling properties.
  3. Detoxification: The herb is believed to help with detoxification, cooling the body, and treating conditions like boils and rashes.
  4. Diuretic Effects: Drinking the decoction can increase urine output, aiding in cases of reduced urination and painful urination.
  5. Other Benefits – benefits of drinking water with Achyranthes aspera: It is also used to promote blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and support the treatment of gout and hepatitis.


It is also used to promote blood circulation, reduce inflammation

Usage Instructions

  • Parts Used: The roots, stems, and leaves can all be used, either fresh or dried.
  • Dosage: Traditionally, the recommended dose is 15-30g of dried Achyranthes aspera daily, boiled with about 1 liter of water. Consult a healthcare professional for a dosage suited to your specific condition.
  • Preparation: Wash the herb thoroughly, then boil it in water for about 15-20 minutes. It can be consumed throughout the day as a replacement for regular drinking water.


  • Who Should Avoid: Pregnant or breastfeeding women, young children, and individuals with underlying health conditions should consult a doctor before use.
  • Possible Side Effects: Generally safe, but some individuals may experience mild side effects like skin allergies, diarrhea, or nausea. In rare cases, serious reactions may occur, warranting immediate medical attention.


In rare cases, serious reactions may occur, warranting immediate medical attention

Achyranthes Aspera in Traditional Medicine

Achyranthes aspera is a key ingredient in many traditional remedies, including those for rheumatoid arthritis, urinary disorders, and various inflammatory conditions.


Frequently Asked Questions About the benefits of drinking water with Achyranthes aspera

Here are five common questions related to the topic “benefits of drinking water with Achyranthes aspera“:

  1. Is drinking Achyranthes aspera water really good for lowering blood pressure?

    Answer: Some studies suggest that Achyranthes aspera can help regulate blood pressure through mechanisms like vasodilation and increased urine excretion. However, its effectiveness may vary depending on individual conditions. It is best to consult a doctor before using Achyranthes aspera to lower blood pressure.

  2. What ailments does Achyranthes aspera treat? How effective is it?

    Answer: Achyranthes aspera is used in traditional medicine to support the treatment of various conditions such as:

    • Joint pain and arthritis
    • Gout
    • Kidney stones and urinary tract infections
    • Irregular menstruation
    • Boils and rashes

    However, more research is needed to confirm its efficacy. Patients should not use Achyranthes aspera as a complete substitute for medical treatment.

  3. Is it safe to drink Achyranthes aspera water long-term?

    Answer: Most people who use Achyranthes aspera decoction for a short period and in appropriate amounts do not experience significant issues. However, long-term use may increase the risk of side effects. Those with pre-existing health conditions should seek medical advice before consuming Achyranthes aspera water daily for an extended period.

  4. Who should avoid drinking Achyranthes aspera water?

    Answer: Certain individuals should be cautious or avoid using Achyranthes aspera water:

    • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
    • Young children
    • People with weak constitutions or digestive issues
    • Individuals taking blood pressure medications or diuretics (as it may enhance these effects excessively)
  5. How much Achyranthes aspera water is enough?

    Answer: The traditional dosage is about 15-30 grams of dried Achyranthes aspera per day, boiled in water to drink. It is recommended to spread the intake throughout the day. However, this dosage may vary based on individual conditions and weight. It is best to consult a healthcare provider or traditional medicine expert to determine the most appropriate dosage.

Scientific Research about “benefits of drinking water with Achyranthes aspera”

Some studies about “benefits of drinking water with Achyranthes aspera“:

  1. Blood Pressure Regulation: Research from the Vietnam Institute of Medicinal Materials (2015) showed that extracts from the herb can dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure in hypertensive rats.
  2. Anti-inflammatory Effects: A study published in the Journal of Traditional Medicine of Vietnam (2017) demonstrated that the herb reduced swelling and pain in rats with arthritis.
  3. Kidney Health: Research from the Journal of Experimental Medicine & Biology (2019) indicated that the herb helps reduce kidney stones and improve kidney function in rats.
  4. Antibacterial Properties: Studies have shown that extracts from Achyranthes aspera inhibit the growth of certain Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.
  5. Antibiotic Resistance: Research in the Journal of Medicine & Pharmacy of Vietnam (2016) found that the herb can inhibit methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Drinking water infused with Achyranthes aspera offers several potential health benefits. However, it should not be viewed as a sole treatment method but rather as a complementary approach alongside a healthy lifestyle and conventional medical treatments when necessary. This article aims to provide comprehensive knowledge on the benefits of drinking water with Achyranthes aspera.



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